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Sophia Fisher

I Love Starlite Vaulters

There was a time that I was in 4-H. I went to a model horse show with the 4-H. It was a splendid time. They had drawings for different things such as, a halter, plates, and vaulting practice. When I saw the picture of people doing gymnastics on horseback, I was like, "wholly cow." I did not put my ticket in the drawing because I thought it was just for the picture. I was sitting down when a lady said, "Don't forget to put your tickets in for vaulting." I said, "Oh my gosh! I can actually try that sport, that would be splendid." I put two tickets in there. When they drew the ticket my stomach felt like a thousand darts were going into it. I felt like they were taking forever to take it out. When they finally did I heard, Sophia Fisher. I felt like when you find out that you got one million dollars for free. When my mom came into the building I was so excited. When I told my mom everybody was looking at me as if I was crazy, because I was so excited. When it was Monday I told my mom that I could go to vaulting today. My mom did not let me go because it was too rainy. I started crying because I was looking forward to going to vaulting so much that day. My mom said, "Well, may be Friday." That still did not cheer me up. When I woke up that next morning I was still mad. When I finally got over it, it was already Friday. When it was Friday my mom said that I could go. When I got to where I was going to vault, there was a girl the same age as myself. I asked who she was and if she had been vaulting for awhile. She said that her name was Amber and she had just started Monday. I was relieved that I was not the only one that had just started. When I got to go on the barrel, there were these special moves that you had to learn. The moves were called compulsories. I was totally clue less. I felt like a rodeo clown that was trying to distract the bull from the bull rider. When I got on the horse I felt like a fool. I was at walk when other people were at trot. I was even worse on the horse.

After I had my confidence up, I got to move up to trot. Then before I knew it I was at cantar. I have had a great time with Starlite Vaulters. Vaulting has helped me with my confidence and my riding skills. The coach is great and the people that vault are great too. Amber has now quit. It was sad for me that I lost a good friend on the team. But I have moved on with my life. So now it is your turn to try vaulting. COME AND JOIN US.

By: Sophia Fisher, Age 13

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