Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is equestrian vaulting? Open or Close

    Vaulting is a unique and growing sport which combines dance and gymnastics on a moving horse. It's a wonderful way to develop coordination, balance, strength and creativity while working in harmony with the horse.

  • Who can vault? Open or Close

    Anyone! Vaulting programs are not only for competitive teams, but include recreational groups, US Pony Clubs, 4-H Clubs and therapeutic vaulting programs.

  • Is it like trick riding or circus riding? Open or Close

    No. Vaulting is always done in a very controlled environment - in a large circle with soft footing. The horse trainer and vaulter work as a team, with the trainer controlling the horse, the horse moving at a continuous walk, trot or canter gait and the vaulter performing gymnastics and dance moves.

  • What kind of horses are used? Open or Close

    Many breeds and sizes of horses can be used for vaulting. The best horses for vaulting are calm, strong, fit and kind with a steady gait.

  • Do the horses like to vault? Open or Close

    Our horses LOVE to vault! They are given lots of love and attention by their trainers and vaulters.

  • Is it a team or individual sport? Open or Close

    Both! Vaulters may participate individually, in pairs, or as part of a team. In team competition, up to three members can be on the horse at once literally supporting each other.

  • What if you don't own a horse? Open or Close

    No problem! Since vaulting is a team sport as well as an individual one, most clubs own and train their own horses. the horses costs and expenses are shared by the entire team, making vaulting one of the most accessible of equestrian sports.

  • Is vaulting safe? Open or Close

    Yes. Many factors contribute to the safety of our sport. The horse, which is chosen for its calm personality, is controlled by a trainer standing on the ground next to the horse and vaulter. Also, vaulters are taught strength-building and stretching exercises. At all levels, they learn safe mounts and dismounts. Exercises are practiced on a stationary vaulting barrel before they are performed on the horse.

  • At what age can you start vaulting? Open or Close

    One of the beauties of this terrific sport is that vaulters can pre-schoolers or adults and any age in between!

  • Do I have to know how to ride a horse to begin vaulting? Open or Close

    No, you don't need to be able to ride a horse to vault, but vaulting can GREATLY improve your riding skills.

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